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Laren Blanca is a proud "Cali Girl" from both sides of the state! She was born in Long Beach, California, raised there for thirteen years of her life and then moved to Sacramento, California. She has always had a passion for writing. She loved poetry, short stories, and urban fiction books. The "Look and See Me," series started off as just a therapeutic release. She missed being back in her hometown with her family and friends. So, she started to write in hopes of getting away from her own reality and stepping into her own world! Not once did she think to let others enter this exciting, courageous, and "lit" romance that she created! She turned a six-hundred-page novel into four books! Yes, there is more to come! So, let us step into her world and enjoy the ride!
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Look And See Me

Opposites Attract

Sixteen-year-old introvert, Janeeva Boldin has kept herself hidden in the shadows since she was a little girl, afraid of too much attention being brought on her. She then crosses paths with seventeen-year-old Brian Gaither, who was raised and influenced by his brothers who are known gangsters on the streets in Long Beach, California. All it took was one look into his beautiful green eyes, and she was determined to have him. And even though her creamy, brown eyes had him stuck as well, she was a chameleon to him. He didn’t know how to decipher her. He saw the beauty but, on the outside, she was just this shy, tomboy with no sense of style with her baggy clothes and unusual behavior. With Janeeva’s determination to win over Brian’s heart, her best friend gives her a whole makeover that finally gets his attention. Now, as opposites attract and they begin their journey to getting to know each other more, she’s brought into a completely different world that her brother, Trevor, has tried to keep her away from! As she deals with the issues involving Brian on the streets, she also experiences heartbreak and envy while she tries to figure out his relationship with the other girls in his life. However, as she’s trying to figure him out, he’s trying to work out the different feelings that he’s growing for her.

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